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A coast-to-coast glance at some of the industry's newest additions.

Another Opening, Another Show.

Jimmy Buffet's hit Margaritaville may need a Greekified version. The Fort Lauderdale based chain Gyroville (in the heart of Buffetland) has opened several of its fast casual Chipotleinspired units in the last year, including one in Ecuador. The concelt, founded by CEO Lambross Kokkinelis, has its largest presence in South Florida, but has one out-of-state franchise in Topeka, Kansas and another slated to open in Canton, Mochigan. Kokkinelis grew up in New York City and cut his teeth working in family- operated Greek diners before relocating to Florida where opened three Moonlite Diner locations in the early 2000s. He created Gyroville and opened its first location in 2010.

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